The Creative Lab has been awesome

Unfortunately, it is time to close the curtain. The curtain that has been open for over 10 years. Starting in 2010 as a meeting of creative minds, The Creative Lab has hosted, jolted, pushed and facilitated many experiments. Students took extracurricular efforts at producing in new ways, with new technologies and for different reasons. In the safe spaces The Creative Lab provided, those students learned with each other, with lecturers, with companies (like Scania Netherlands, Viacom, and KLM just to name a few) and all for the purpose of collective energy, motivation and an unprecedented level of inspiration. 


Over the years, the extracurricular needs of students and staff was matched and answered by providing ideas, projects and sometimes very fresh and new takes on technology. From LabTalks to the world’s first 360-degree short film, to the world’s first ever holographic-animation-short-film, The Creative Lab has explored many different areas and broken different status-quos. All to ask ourselves…now what? 

A decade long, The Creative Lab has been head runner for elements and needs that some parts of current curricula and extracurricular activities now fulfil or provide. As such, we can proudly say our mission has been achieved. We’ve fulfilled a purpose and are proud of what we accomplished with students, staff and alumni. And we’ve come to realise it’s time for something new, something fresh. And for us this means, closing the curtains on The Creative Lab. For you? We hope your interests, your needs for experimenting and your drive to innovate keeps on living.  


Thank you all for being part of The Creative Lab over the last 10 years, whether it was just to read our newsletter, or to join one of the many different and exciting projects or workshops, we couldn’t have done it without you.  

The Creative Lab