Welcome to The Creative Lab

What is The Creative Lab?

A place that experiments with the latest technology, trends and tools in the fields of media, games and entertainment. At The Creative Lab, our purpose is to facilitate extracirrcular learning amongst all students at BUas. The opportunities we offer include, but are not limited to are: collaborations on events, internships, passion projects, experiments, and much more. If you have any questions or would like to pitch an idea for a project you have in mind, be sure to contact us. See below for some information about our main activities and send us an email to meet The Creative Lab team!


Do you wish that you acquired that one extra skill? We host different knowledge specific workshops that will help you to expand your skill set: from screenwriting to design, and from programming to brainstorming skills.


One of the foremost tasks that The Creative Lab has been given is to experiment, try what has never been tried before. Experimenting and researching the ‘why’ is our core business. Any outcome is appreciated, whether it succeeds or fails.


Starting in January 2020, The Creative Lab will host their open meetings every Tuesday at 3PM in the Frontier building, room Fs3.001. During these meetings, new projects are presented and progress is discussed. Feel free to come by with your own ideas!

Lab Talks

We’re not alone in this world of media and games. Every year we organize our LabTalks where guest speakers from different industries and Breda University of Applied Sciences come to give an inspirational talk about the work they have been doing and are planning to do in the future.

Looking for some inspiration? Take a look at some of our latest uploads!