November 25, 2013


In 2010 the Creative Lab was set up by Paul Buchanan to develop a collective creative space, both tangible and intangible. It is an experimental platform for students, alumni, researchers and industry.

Now it has grown into a true community at the Breda University of Applied Sciences. We have our own space at the University where we house our residents, which are students or alumni working on either their own personal projects or projects from the lab. Anyone can apply for the position of resident, and they change from time to time, to offer our space and facilities to as much students as possible.

The Creative Lab revolves around three key activities they perform.

1. Organize inspirational talks – Green
2. Guide development and execution of projects – Purple
3. Share relevant knowledge via workshops – Orange

Each year, multiple inspiration events are organized for all those involved, and all of those interested, to showcase their project, share experiences and meet new people. Interested what we are currently working on or when the next workshop or Lab Talks is organized? Check the corresponding pages.