Cameras 101 Virtual Workshop

If you have kept up with The Creative Lab in the last few months you might remember that we were planning a highly requested AV workshop hosted by our very own Clubs@BUas Coordinator, Ella Betts. Of course, as we all are aware, safety measures put in place due to Covid-19 put a damper on that workshop which meant we had to get creative. This led to the idea of our very first virtual workshop! Ella has been working so hard to put together a series of informational, but still fun, videos teaching us all about Cameras 101. 


Cameras 101: Introduction video. Get reacquainted with our fabulous host, Ella Betts, and find out what’s more to come in this series.

Topic: Aperture Part 1

What is aperture?! In this video Ella breaks down the typically confusing topic of aperture, into something simple, easy to understand and apply in your AV projects.

Aperture Part 2

Now that you know what aperture is, it’s time to figure out how you can apply it creatively. In this video, Ella explains depth of field and how you can adjust it to create great shots.