First ever short film made for the HoloLens: The Dancer Awakens

This year at the local Go-Short International film festival The Creative Lab is participating with a never-done-before concept: a short film viewed with Microsoft’s HoloLens. The HoloLens is an augmented reality device in which the user can interact with holograms while still being in the real space.

The short film is called: “The Dancer Awakens” and the story is about a dancer trapped inside a music box, that needs to overcome her fear and escape. But by doing so she exposes herself to new threats. The ability to view the movie made of holographic imagery, augmented by the real objects around you, is the core feature that this core movie is based around.

The Project is a collaboration between Cradle, IMEM, IGAD and The Creative Lab, that resulted in the Dancer Awakens. Motion Capture technology was used to ecreate the visuals. Motion Capture is the innovative technology represented by recording the movements done by the dancer and translate them into computer generated graphics. It’s the same technology used for making movies and video games.

If you are interested in the results, “The Dancer Awakens” will be available for viewing from Thursday 6th of April to Sunday 9th at the GoShort International Film festival in Nijmegen: Pop-up EXPO building (Marikenstraat 50). For buying tickets head over to:
For more info check out the official press release here: