Have you met Anneliene?

Anneliene van den Boom

Nice to meet you, my name is Anneliene van den Boom. A twenty-two year old, fourth year IMEM student suffering from a serious degree of Wanderlust. Then why would you stay in the same city, at the same university on which you have already spent 2.5 years?! Excellent question! While a lot of my classmates and friends have decided to write their bachelor thesis anywhere but the Netherlands, I am an intern at the Creative Lab in Breda. The reason for that is because the Creative Lab offered a unique opportunity.

Last year the Creative Lab premiered with the very first film for the Oculus Rift at the Go Short International Short Film Festival. This year we are invited back and I am one of the two producers (Have you met Hannah?) responsible for producing a new film. After three years of experimenting with 2D videos for all kinds of purposes I am excited to try something new. Besides learning and applying a different approach of producing a film I will also be conducting research for my bachelor thesis. No worries I will not bore you with my research methods and other theoretical stuff. But keep an eye on this space as you can participate in a fun way. Be sure to also visit the Creative Lab meetings every Thursday at 16:00 on the 2nd floor.

Now you know a lot about the fact that I am really excited for the upcoming half a year. Some of you might wonder what I did the past 22 years. Here is a quick re-cap: I was born and raised in lovely village Wanroij where I finished my pre-university secondary education (VWO). After graduating from high school I moved to Breda to start my studies as an International Media & Entertainment student. For my internship at LVB Networks a content marketing company where I worked at the department of Video Marketing I moved to Amersfoort. After which I moved to Finland for half a year. After a summer of again working in Amersfoort I returned back to Breda to finish my studies. Since I cannot seem to get enough of moving I moved back in with my parents, two not-so-little-brothers and my cat. From where I am currently traveling back and forward to Breda. If you want to know more about me, discuss TV-series or want to share your ideas for the Oculus Rift film come find me in the train to Breda or just come over to the Creative Lab.