Hi! I’m Hannah

Hannah       the Intern

So where all of my classmates were worrying about finding an internship at a big production company, I decided to stay closer to home.  Why you might wonder? The Creative Lab provides great opportunities for students and therefore for me too. What attracted me at first was the possibility to create a 360-degree film for the Oculus Rift. Films for the Oculus Rift are only just appearing very slowly, so this would mean I would be at the forefront of new film technology. Exciting right?!

So who am I?
I’m Hannah Syrett, a fourth year IMEM student who is 24 years old and born in the UK (but raised in the Netherlands). After my internship at Talpa I found that my passion lies in the television industry. I love the speed, chaos, fun, excitement, deadlines, team work and especially the results. It’s amazing to see the results on television of something that you worked on.

My favourite IMEM moments:
Producing a tv show in flagstaff and managing a group of 15 people (being in America helped a lot of course). We won ‘best overall show’, go team!
Creating a television show for mADE TV which was pitched to IDTV and received positive responses.

Why am I right person for this internship?
I’m hard working and enthusiastic! With a group of 5 class mates in total I’ve worked on creating a horror film for the Oculus Rift. We’ve already shot all of the footage and it was amazing! We are currently working in the post production phase, which might still take a while. So you could say I’ve got a little experience (notice the word little). I love being creative even though I struggle with it sometimes and I believe I can manage a group well and keep them enthusiastic.

So that’s a little insight in to me. Want to know more? Why not come to the Creative Lab open meetings!
Ok, you don’t need to come to the meetings for me.. come for yourself and find out all the possibilities the Creative Lab offers!
You can also join in on brainstorming and the production of the new 360-degree film for the Oculus Rift!
See you soon 😉