Internship position available: Creative Lab Executive

Being the first to try something that’s actually new. Researching virgin grounds. Inspiring and motivating others. All that and more. That’s what The Creative Lab needs you to do.

The Creative Lab has been operational since 2006 and is currently evolving. The current form has been around for two years and offers an exciting workplace where the things you do actually matter. Working for The Creative Lab as a third year student means you will have an executive role in the small organization. Working on a set of predetermined assignments like setting up and collaboration on (innovating) projects, organizing “Lab Talks”, work on and execute social media strategies and so much more. Skills and attitude we would like you to use during this internship: self-management, creative thinking, open mind towards different perspectives, organizational skills, a little bit of research capabilities/insight and the right amount of humor.

This fulltime internship asks that you are flexible in working hours and simply ‘get your stuff done’. We will always pay attention to the requirements of the internship assignment and other criteria you might need to meet for your education. You will fully throw yourself in projects (about the unknown) and we make sure you will have a good time. In total we are looking for two interns who will work together. Any submission both IMEM and IGAD are most welcome. The student will receive a remuneration of 200 euros a month, start around 1st of September 2015.

Interested in all this? You should be. You may send an application to or creatively enquire at any of The Creative Lab supervisors (Oscar Bastiaens or Mike Klaassen).