April 7, 2015


The Dancer Awakens

This year at the local Go-Short International film festival The Creative Lab is participating with a never-done-before concept: a short film viewed with Microsoft’s HoloLens.  The short film is called: “The Dancer Awakens” and the story is about a dancer trapped inside a music box, that needs to overcome her fear and escape. But by doing so she exposes herself to new threats. The Project is a collaboration between Cradle, IMEM, IGAD and The Creative Lab, that resulted in the Dancer Awakens. 

The Creative Lab is looking for interns!

If you are a student with interest in Virtual reality, online marketing and media production, we might have an internship position for you. We are looking for independent students, with a hands on attitude, not afraid to think outside the box.  If you are interested don’t hesitate to contact us  at: creativelab@nhtv.nl

Youth and Politics

Youth and Politics, a project with a duration of six months, organised by De Connectors and Gemeente Breda, had its final debate yesterday. Students from 6 schools in Breda are participating with the aim to develop a concept and a plan around a political topic or problem. This year’s topic was to get the elderly more involved in social activities. The wining team is given a €5000 budget to create their concept. During the project, each team was coached by a council supervisor and trained into the practices of debating. The students worked hard and the results were truly impressive. Stay tuned to watch the after movie.