December 20, 2017

360 Aftermovie Eneco Tour

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On Tuesday 19th of September, roads around the Chasséveld were closed off for the prominent annual Eneco Tour, a cycling tour sponsored by Eneco Energy. The route was 9.6 kilometers and cyclists would individually compete and beat their personal best.

The Creative Lab was there to produce a 360 degrees after-movie in collaboration with the Province Brabant that would enable viewers to relive the experience of this day from numerous angles. Filming in 360 is becoming more popular as it immerses viewers in a way never possible before, using non-traditional points of view which allow for a unique experience. Now, the industry continues to develop better cameras and 360-production systems. Ensuring a smoother workflow for 360 production.

It was remarkable to see the amount of planning that had taken place to organise such an event. The event would be broadcasted within 68 different countries. It was also amusing to view the precision and dedication the cyclists were embedded with as they would arrive in their teams and proceed to warm up in style. Such diverse cultures had gathered to celebrate the competition.

The Creative Lab team split into different sections on location to capture the atmosphere, such as the starting point with the commentator and alongside the road while spectators cheered. All in all, it was an entertaining day packed with excitement and teamwork. You can see the result here. Be sure to have a VR headset ready for the best experience!

The after-movie was produced by:

Mike Klaassen- Project Manager/Director/Camera/Post-production

Michelle Righolt- Pre-production/Camera

Fabienne Zuidgeest- Camera

Paul van Rijckevorsel- Camera

Davy van den Eijnden- Post-production

Special thanks to:

Thirza Brinkhof- Provincie Brabant/Initiator

Chris Vanoppen- Eneco Tour Organisation

Gerben van de Broek- PR Man

Leon Boele- Team Roompot

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