December 20, 2017

AEGON Virtual Reality Candidate Experience Journey

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What was the project about?

A lot of large, older companies and sectors have difficulties in attracting a new type of young and talented candidates due to fierce competition and a less attractive (or old-fashioned) image. The Creative Lab worked with the life insurance company Aegon in an attempt to amend this problem. The project aimed to optimise the target candidates experience journey in an innovative way so that Aegon is able to get the best candidates for their company, and the candidates can feel as if they are a part of the company from the start. However, creating an innovative candidate experience journey is difficult to realise with traditional media. So, The Creative Lab worked with CGI, virtual reality and 360 movies to help realise this project. 

What did we do? 

‘Experience a day at AEGON in VR’. Creating an enriching Aegon candidate experience journey, by means of real-time CGI, VR and 360 movies, so that candidates feel as if they have worked at Aegon. The candidate is, among other example scenarios, part of a lunch meeting to experience an informal meeting with future colleagues while being able to look around to witness how people behave, dress and enjoy the high quality of food that is offered. 

Results and insights

To do this, the project had to digitally capture all important experience moments  and elements to create a VR Candidate Journey that truly encaptured the workplace culture of Aegon. This is especially helpful for companies looking for international candidates as it can save time and money because it enables candidates to already experience the company culture before having to travel abroad for the role. Because of the use of the Samsung VR headset, this project was easily accessible for a large target audience and therefore reachable for the potential candidates Aegon tried to reach. 

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