December 20, 2017

Dyskinetic 360

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What was the project about?

Go Short Film Festival in Nijmegen is all about film. One of the challenges was to provide a new type of experience that hasn’t been done before. ‘Dyskinetic’, is a project that The Creative Lab worked on for this Go Short Film Festival.

What did we do?

With the upcoming 360 technology starting to become a trend from 2013 onwards, the goal was to see whether or not an immersive experience can be provided by means of extending the viewing area to a 220 degree angle. By means of 2 GoPros and manual ‘stitching’ of the images, we were able to create a fully immersive ‘Virtual Reality’ film.

Results and insights

Immersive scripted film turned out to be very interesting for future developments. Although low resolution and simple script could have lowered the experience, full immersion was obtained for some viewers. Some viewers were even gasping and even moving in real life in line with scripted actions, this showed the research team just how intriguing VR can be. The ambulance as the experience decor of the room and the viewing position (horizontal on a stretcher) contributed to the offline-online-offline transition. Which turned out to be of high importance for future (VR) projects, which made this the best secondary finding of the project.


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