December 20, 2017

Festival of the Democracy

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What was the project about?  

The municipality of Breda asked the creatives of PakhuisB to organize an exceptional festival that revolves around the theme of democracy, and explores possible alternatives. Not only alderman, but the people of Breda specifically were invited to come along and share how they felt they could be more involved in local politics. A multitude of informative speeches were given, raising awareness and encouraging us to think of social problems and ecological solutions in a co-creative manner. The festival served as a platform to address issues and initiate changes for the local Breda democratic model of decision making and debating.

What did we do? 

The Creative Lab was asked to make sure this would stay a very memorable moment that we could relive again. Our intern Michelle, together with IMEM students Ray Tran and Bas Berendse headed out early to the event to set up and capture the full atmosphere that the day would bring. By setting up a GoPro camera as well as multiple other cameras that moved around the city hall and square, The Creative Lab created a timelapse of the event, interviewed multiple stakeholders and overall captured the best moments of the event. PakhuisB had set up a few installations and sessions for the visitors to join and share their ideas. An example of this it the Klaagmuur (The Wall of Complaints), on which anyone was free to write up their thoughts, of course freedom of expression was key. 

Results and insights  

The insights showcased the interest of the different points of view and ability to participate in the online video engagement of the festival. The recordings are used in the upcoming festival(s) to highlight the co-creation between multiple companies and the city of Breda.

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