December 20, 2017

New Year 360!

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What was the project about?

The city of Breda in collaboration with Whalebone & Greenstone wanted to provide a new, immersive way to celebrate the New Year. The Creative Lab put together a 360-degree film to make it possible to celebrate the New Year immersively. 

What did we do?

The project was all about capturing the fireworks during New Year’s Eve on the top of the cathedral of Breda on the Grote Markt. By using multiple GoPros, the cameras captured the fireworks in a wide angle and afterwards, the images were all edited and stitched to provide a full 360-degree experience of the New Year celebrations.

Results and insights

A unique challenge to provide and capture fireworks of 360-degree and showcasing this via a VR headset or other means of expressing virtual content. Results showcased an interesting approach to provide a new way to experience fireworks in a whole new dynamic.

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