December 20, 2017


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What was the project about?

TEDx is a program designed to help communications, organisations and individuals to spark conversation and connections through local TED-like experiences. In order to provide a meaningful experience within TEDxBreda, a 360-degree film was requested.

What did we do?

The Creative Lab was tasked with creating an experience to capture and showcase all the best that local TEDxBreda has to offer, whilst not missing any important and crucial details. Rather than providing the entire talks in 360-degree, the aftermovie was created in a way to bring across the experience of actually being present.

Results and insights

Insights have revealed that the feeling of being present has a positive impact when the consumer can view the content and surroundings at his or her own pace. The feeling of experiencing content in 360-degree provided much greater insights than in the actual location and whereabouts of the event.

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