December 20, 2017

The Dancer Awakens

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What was the project about?

In an annual opportunity to take a space at the Go Short International Film Festival, The Creative Lab – this year – didn’t use the same approach as was done previously. In the past years a graduation student at The Creative Lab took the lead. This year the project was initiated by the supervisors of The Creative Lab. It ended up being a successful collaboration between students and staff from both AGM study programmes and the research lab Cradle.

What did we do?

The idea for the film came to mind over a cup of coffee and evolved in a cross-studies/department meeting. It was this meeting where students of IGAD (International Game Architecture and Design)  thought of the motion capture production needed, Dr. Matta Haggis formed the script, Cradle proved to have the knowledge needed and an IMEM (now Creative Business) student initiated production of the film. Bringing specialists, creatives and enthusiasts with the right knowledge and skills together to produce the first ever holographic-animation-short-film for the Hololens (by Microsoft) The short film is called ‘The Dancer Awakens’ and the story is about a dancer trapped inside a music box. The dancer needs to overcome her fear and ‘escape’. But by doing so she exposes herself to new threats.

Results and insights

Creating a narrative, through dance and objects to influence the dancer’s behavior and accordingly creating the plot of the movie, wasn’t obvious. Because a narrative with dialog between characters would not be feasible for the design, since the audience will be distracted by it. The narrative has to be clear, especially for new film-type projects like this. Research will tell us more on the success of this new kind of film-making/storytelling and its offered narrative. Resulting in a unique conclusion for the market, thus making the project a good example when looking at the ‘Applied Sciences’ value of our institute.


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