December 20, 2017

The Prism

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What was the project about?

Go Short Film Festival in Nijmegen is all about film. One of the challenges was to provide a new type of experience that hasn’t been done before. ‘The Prism’, is a project that The Creative Lab worked on for this Go Short Film Festival.

What did we do?

‘The Prism’ consisted of three short films all sharing the same storyline of an interrogation, which is set in a police station. The actual plot and actions taken in each film are all consistent, however each film showed a different perspective of a character from the story. For example, one film showed the perspective of the interrogator, and another perspective of the one that is being interrogated.

Results and insights

The goal of the three short films was to let the audience put together the puzzle pieces of the actual story. Engagement is really high considering the demanding work. Our insights show that once you are actively involved in the narrative plotline of the films, the attention of our audience peaked and was the highest then.

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