December 20, 2017


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What was the project about?

Go Short Film Festival in Nijmegen is all about film. One of the challenges was to provide a new type of experience that hasn’t been done before. The Creative Lab took on that challenge. 

What did we do?

‘XSTNCE’ was a 360-degree short film, that was produced by the interns of The Creative Lab. In this film you can put on the Samsung VR headset and become a character in the film yourself. Find out about Professor Eilo Grand and his assistant Zena Tanning whom are working on the secret XSTNCE project. They seem to have achieved a major breakthrough. However, when things seem to be going well, they run into some problems. Technological as well as personal. Will the XSTNCE program succeed? And how well do the researchers actually know each other?

Results and insights

After the initial ‘immersion’ into the script, viewers of the film were satisfied with the acting and the empathy for the characters in the story. But the best results were made with the second part of the film where a classic ‘delay’ technique built tension and close-camera acting delivered excitement ‘right in their faces’.

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