Adobe’s 2018 Upgrade

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Adobe held its annual ‘must-attend’ MAX conference in Las Vegas just a few weeks ago. During the convention, Adobe presented their new upcoming features for the 2018 Creative Cloud. To really understand the new aspects we went to the Dutch Design Week find out more about some new and exciting developments. 

Here’s a quick review of the most interesting changes Adobe made to the 2018 Creative Cloud:

Dimension CC

The program, formerly known as Project Felix, is finally taken out of Beta testing and is now part of the apps in the Cloud. It’s a 3D compositing tool for designers who want to combine their 2D images with 3D assets. The program comes with several stock textures, new lighting and environment features. A few changes since the beta-phase are the interoperability with Photoshop and Illustrator, easy label/decal application, GPU rendering, working with basic (3D) shapes, modifying and combining them together to create abstract designs, vector and type extrusion for abstract design and support for more CC Libraries assets (color, vectors, etc). 

Puppet Warp in Illustrator CC

Most people are already very familiar with Illustrator. This year they added an interesting feature that will help you shape your assets by connecting dots to the image. These dots can be dragged which drags the image into its desired shape. Think of it as a string puppet which you can control on your screen.


XD CC is the all-in-one UX/UI solution for designing websites, mobile apps, and more. It helps designers, and even beginners, iterate and share interactive prototypes with team members and reviewers across devices and platforms. It’s really easy to combine with other Adobe programs and there is no complicated coding. Instead, it opts for a simple click and drag control in the app. It can be used and checked across laptops, tablets and mobile phones. The best part? It can edit sites live so people around the world can check up on your progress.

Curvature Pen in Photoshop

Most people in the media industry are very familiar with Photoshop. Many of us know what a drag it is to work with the pen tool when you want to outline curves. In Creative Cloud 2018, they fixed it! It might seem like a small insignificant change, but it makes the editing process a whole lot easier for media professionals.

Team Projects

You’ve seen us mention team members but what does it mean? It means you can now edit with multiple people on one project in the following programs; Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, and Prelude CC. This will be especially handy in big projects with short deadlines. The great thing is that you wouldn’t have to download it since it is integrated in the new Cloud. The message is clear: create together.


Adobe Spark

And finally for those who are invested in upping their social media game, the company released Adobe Spark, which allows both desktop and mobile users to create and share visual content – like posts for social media, graphics, web stories, and animated videos. The idea behind it is that good online content isn’t just for big organisations anymore. The program is accessible for anyone who needs just a little more help in sharing visual stories.

We are excited to try it out, how about you?


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