March 29, 2018

Another approach: The Dancer Awakens

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01.04.2018, by Nakisha Alibaks


Different approach than all the other previous years

Last year, we participated in the Go Short Film Festival to create the Dancer Awakens. It is about a dancer that is trapped within a music box. Unlike previous years, we had a different approach. Instead of having graduation interns work on the project, the supervisors of The Creative Lab were in charge of the whole project. Together with the research lab Cradle, students, and staff from the International Media and Entertainment Management study and International Game Architecture and Design study, the project was created. By combining so much different students and staff, we were able to create the first holographic-animation-short film for the Hololens.

The process of creating the Dancer Awakens

During the shooting of the short film, the dancer is wearing a Motion-Capture suit which captures her movements in details. After all the scenes were collected, the students, staff, and Cradle gathered their knowledge together to create the hololens film.

What did the team of the Dancer Awakens think about the project and the film festival?

For this project there were two executive producers Mike Klaassen and Mathijs van der Kroft  who also work at the Creative Lab. Mike thought that “the value of GoShort is that we get to have a stage, press attention in that way for NHTV, a place for students to get valued by viewers/customers for what they made and we have an excuse to do awesome experiments and critical thinking on part of (short)films and related techniques and processes. Meaning we get to spend hours and money on asking questions to things like “what works in VR?” and “will traditional writing and directing techniques be usable in VR”. But also “Can we portray a narrative with holographic images, and thus will film ever be a ‘thing’ for AR/holographic devices (estimates and guesses off course)?”. All with students, alumni, staff and many other stakeholders. For the festival it means they get to give us a stage and have these original and often exciting experiments at their festival, alongside ‘traditional’ shortfilms, to add value to the festival and present wider angels on film and -related projects.”

Sammy Wisniewski was also one of the producers for the HoloLens film The Dancer Awakens. She said that “the festival is amazing for filmmakers to get inspired and meet other filmmakers. Especially as a producer you can meet people to help you with your film projects and pitch your ideas.”


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