March 29, 2018

Another approach: XSTNCE

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01.04.2018, by Elena van der Baan

The Creative Lab at the Go Short Film Festival 2016

As most of you might know, we have participated at the Goshort Film Festival in Nijmegen in 2016, with XSTNCE, rather an experimental movie for Virtual Reality, based on dialogues. It has been inspired by the need of researchers to discover the mysteries of the brain,and therefore created a card names XSTNCE, able to save a full copy of your brain, and the idea was to insert into an android body in order to have an eternal life.

Opinions of the creators of XSTNCE

Fabienne Zuijdgeest was a producer of the movie XSTNCE at the Go Short Film Festival of 2016. We asked her what she thought of the Go Short: “Go Short film festival is a very fun and interesting festival that shows lots of different kind of films. They have short movies, VR experiences and so much more! There was an air tent cocoon where i went into to lay down and look at the projection on the ‘ceiling’ as if I was in this movie about insects ourselves. I didn’t get to experience all the films myself unfortunately, but all the different films areas and themes made it an interesting event to explore and experience all sorts of films. When we of Creative Lab exhibited ther

e with the 360-degree VR short movie “XSTNCE” I noticed that people of all different kind of ages, countries, and professions were interested. The different kinds of people that go there also give the event a fun and inclusive vibe! To conclude, I think the GoShort film festival is a great way to give starting or more experienced film makers the opportunity to show their films and to spread the film joy.”

Jason Brugges was also a producer of the movie. We asked him what his opinion was on the Film Festival: “Thanks to GoShort Film Festival we were able to present our 360-degree film XSTNCE to a broad and diverse audience. Our VR stand was in a open tent accessible for everyone who happened to drop by the festival. This was an amazing way to get to know how people felt about our film because of the opportunity to talk with every viewer face to face. The festival looked nice, the participants were excited and the weather was great. Everything combined led to a great atmosphere during the entire festival and a week I wont forget anytime soon.”

Sammy Wisniewski was also one of the producers for the HoloLens film The Dancer Awakens. She said that the festival is amazing for filmmakers to get inspired and meet other filmmakers.
Especially as a producer you can meet people to help you with your film projects and pitch your ideas.

A pretty good motivation to participate for the upcoming festivals right?


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