Apple Pay in The Netherlands

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23.05.2019, by Imke van der Sanden


Last month, we talked about the concept of being able to pay with your face, and although it may still take a few years until this concept will be fully implemented in society, a ‘new’ payment method seems right around the corner for the Netherlands: Apple Pay. Although Apple Pay may not seem that ‘new’, seeing as it is already in use in over 35 countries (The United States has been able to use Apple Pay since 2014), it will be a new form of payment for those of us living in the Netherlands. Soon, iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch owners will be able to check out items with our devices.

How Does it Work?

Strictly speaking, Apple Pay is not a payment method. The payment method depends on which card the user holds in their Wallet app. The Wallet functions like a regular wallet, by storing a consumer’s personal payment cards. The Wallet is a smart wallet, meaning that it stores and securely remembers the consumer’s payment preferences as well as shipping information, in order to save the consumer time at check out. 

But how secure is Apple Pay? Apple Pay never stores your card information on your device or shares your card information with merchants. In fact, with every transaction Apple Pay uses a device specific number and unique transaction code, in order to guarantee its users of a secure payment every single time. To successfully complete a payment, iPhone users need to complete their payment by holding their device close to the payment device, while simultaneously scanning their face with Face ID or fingerprint with Touch ID. Apple Watch users need to press the button on their Apple Watch twice while holding their smartwatch close to the payment device. Apple Pay does not charge its users any additional costs for making a payment with the use of Apple Pay.

Apple Pay with ING

On the 1st of May of this year, ING announced that they are going to be the first launch partner of Apple Pay in the Netherlands. Other Dutch banks have yet to announce their introduction of Apple Pay, therefore Apple Pay will (so far) only be made available to those banking with ING. ING has not yet released the exact date of when Apple Pay becomes available to the public, but advises to keep a close eye on their website for updates and information. As soon as Apple Pay becomes available to those with an ING bank account, ING customers will receive a message in their mobile banking app about how to set up Apple Pay for their Apple devices. ING stretches that it does not matter which type of debit card their customers currently have, seeing as they will create a virtual Maestro-card that is independent from your physical card, making Apple Pay available to all of ING customers above the age of 16. As of right now, Apple Pay will only work with ING debit cards, credit cards from the same bank will not yet be supported at the first launch of Apple Pay in the Netherlands

Online Stores

ING may be responsible for bringing Apply Pay to all physical stores in the Netherlands. But Apple Pay does not stop there for Dutch consumers. Mollie, a Dutch payment service provider, will implement Apple Pay into 60,000 Dutch webshops. Making the Apple Pay experience even more complete.

As stated above, the exact date Apple Pay can be used in the Netherlands has not yet been released. But after waiting for five years, it is good to know that the Netherlands will very soon finally be added to the list of countries in which Apple Pay can be used (for those of us banking with ING at least).

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