May 7, 2018

Augmenting Alice: Part One

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08.05.2018, by Elena Van der Baan

The Digital Hippie

Galit Ariel is a multidisciplinary creative with skills in design, education and retail. Her biggest ambition is to ‘Make Reality Great Again’ by tackling the ability that augmented reality (AR) has to improve our physical reality, instead of avoiding it. 

In The Digital Hippie, Ariel’s book, she discusses the room and potential for the progress of innovation and that leaders can improve their way of sustaining the balance between technology, humanity and society in a way that is beneficiary for all.

Why are we Writing About This Book? 

Well the answer is simple; it is just an awesome book that gives a different perspective on AR and the world of technology. She decided to base it on the theme of Alice in Wonderland. In this story, Alice lives in a virtual world where she faces challenges and discovers her constraints. Therefore, by making this relation, Ariel wants to convey the fact that if AR can provide us with a sort of window into ‘wonderland’, then it can be described as a layer that is added onto our real environment by reshaping it. 

This not only gives a different perspective and understanding of innovative technology, but it also allows the reader to get involved in his/her learning by downloading an app called Augmenting Alice. This app, once opened and pointed the camera on specific images on the book gives additional, and therefore augmented information, as seen in the image.

Another interesting fact is about the title. It is based on a masterpiece of popular literature and Ariel added one of her main interests, AR, into the title and transformed Wonderland into WondARlands.

If you want to read and know more about this book and where to get it, please do read Part Two


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