May 7, 2018

China Social Credit System: Part Two

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08.05.2018, by Nakisha Alibaks


In the previous article, you can find out about what the Social Credit System is and who the system affects. In this article, you will learn about the affects the Social Credit System has for the population of China.

Travelling Ban

Around nine million Chinese people are banned from buying domestic flights. Another three million Chinese people are banned from buying business class train tickets. This restriction will be used for those who travelled without a ticket, or loitered by a boarding gate, or smoked in a non-smoking area.

Reducing Internet Speed

The exact mechanics of how the Chinese government reduce the speed of Internet is not known. Spending too much time playing video games, wasting money on unnecessary purchases, and even posting too much on social media can lead to reducement of your internet speed.

School Restrictions

Last year, there were 17 people who refused to do military service in China. As a result of this, they were prohibited from enrolling in higher education, high school, and even from continuing their studies. People who have a low Social Credit Score are also prohibited from enrolling their children into private schools.

Worse Jobs

The Social Credit System is developed to keep trust and by breaking the trust, people are also banned from management roles at work. Fraud and embezzlement have a huge effect on the social credit system.

Banned from Hotels

The 17 people who were prohibited from enrolling into higher education are also banned from certain holidays and hotels. The system also rewards people with a high Social Credit Score. If you have a high score, you can speed up your travel applications to Europe.

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