January 2, 2018

Congrestival 2017: Part Two

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28.12.2017, by Johanna Klemm

In ‘Congrestival 2017: Part One’, Johanna Klemm discussed the talk between leisure students and The Creative Lab, concerning technology’s great impact on leisure today. How do these future professionals react upon the issue and what are their visions when it comes to applying new innovations to the leisure market?

New Innovations: What’s in it for the Leisure Market?

Moving away from the projects by The Creative Lab and its LabPartners such as ‘The Dancer Awakens’, many other questions followed at the Congrestival 2017: Do we NEED technology to have our leisure market move forward in such an incredibly fast pace? Will traveling and reading become obsolete in the future? Is e-commerce still an experience or has it failed to deliver just that and become a matter of pure necessity? The first year students at the BUas for Leisure shared their fears and hopes openly. Sure, progress is scary to most of us. Simply because we often just do not understand where it comes from and, most importantly, due to the fact that any human being finds no comfort in a future that proves nothing but uncertain. Technology moves on quickly and it surely does not stop with any market. Why then should it do just that for leisure?

Excitement and Concern – Students Share Their Opinions

Several first year leisure students at the Congrestival stated that they did not see any reason for technology to move into the leisure market as deeply as it seems to be doing at this moment. With The Creative Lab raising the crucial question of what each individual would hope for, for the future of their chosen career within leisure, the opinions of the audience differed. Appreciation and criticism towards the unknown and the new shook hands. Stories were shared. Residing on an Australian farm for a while, for instance, one student shared the experience of living without WiFi or any other connection possibilities available in order to keep up her social life. Interestingly enough, she would not miss technology for the world at this time. The peace and quiet of the environment back then had been exactly what she needed.

Modern Technology: a New Hope for the Leisure Market?

And yet – not every one of us will be able to travel to see the cows and sheep snuggling up in the Australian wild, and most of us are simply curious about new ideas and innovations. How does technology serve those who choose to take on the challenge then and experience the world through the world of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality? It sure comes down to the very same answer Robin Kuijper stated in his article AI vs AGI: It differs greatly, depending on the individual. For our first year students at the BUas Academy for Leisure, the future seems risky when inviting modern technology and their fears are understandable. What will happen indeed, once we are able to travel the world from home? Will the experience be the same and make for actual travel to become somewhat extinct? There is really no answer to it that would calm the mind of these future leisure experts, nor will there ever be any surefire promise. What is for certain, however, is that technology will definitely not go back to where it came from, but keep moving forward. Why not enjoy the fun, then?


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