March 29, 2018

Go Short 2018 Team

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01.04.2018, by Nakisha Alibaks


Meet This Year’s Team

The team consists of the previous interns of The Creative Lab and 3 first year students, two executive producers Mathijs van der Kroft and Mike Klaassen. Together, they came up with the idea of making this years movie about a social experiment.

The script was written by Frederique de Roos, together with the director, Sophie van Bergen. Besides brainstorming for the script, they also worked together on all the characters and their personalities.

The Scriptwriter

Frederique de Roos is the script writer. She was asked by the supervisors of The Creative Lab to write the whole script based on the ideas of the director. She loved working on this project.  “This is already the 5th year that The Creative Lab participates in the Go Short Film Festival and I’m grateful I was able to be a part of it. Even though it was a challenge to write a multi-perspective VR script I loved every minute of it. The director and executive producer were very closely involved with the writing process which made it so much easier to finish. It’s my first screenplay that has been produced and it has motivated me to take on new projects in the future.  If I was asked to do it again I definitely would!”

The Director

Sophie van Bergen is the director of the project. Her main job is to make sure that the execution of the film project goes according to plan.  Sophie says: “I think the Go Short Festival in Nijmegen is a very nice event because filmmakers of different levels with different techniques are able to publish their artwork. In this way the created work gets the audience that it deserves, which in turn can get the audience inspired by the films. An event like this is also a good meeting place and creation space for future projects with other filmmakers. The Creative Lab and the Go Short Festival also encouraged me to direct my first VR short film. The festival gives me the opportunity as a director to experiment with our project LAB5 and with the actors. As a director of a VR film I learned a lot about the implementation of the project and the direction of the actors in this specific VR setting.”

The Producers

The head producer of the project is Robin Kuijper. His main task was to make sure that everything that was needed on set was there. With the help of Gazi Altiparmak, another producer, they made sure that all the props were on time at the set.  

Gazi says “I really enjoy working on this project because there is a high tempo of working which boosts my adrenaline. That is probably because we do not have much time left but if we are all working together on this as a group we can make it. Like every group, nobody is perfect so there are some small things we needed to adjust and communicate between each other in the group to improve our productivity.”


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