May 7, 2018

Go Short Film Festival 2018

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08.05.2018, by Maaike Ottens

The Whole Experience

My experience of Go Short Film Festival Nijmegen was amazing. A classmate of mine, Susanne Stoof, told me she was one of one of the producers of the VR movie from The Creative Lab. I was too late to apply, but The Creative Lab asked me to help on the shooting day. I arrived in Amsterdam at 8.30am. Sophie van Bergen, the director, went through the script with the actors while a producer and I went to different supermarkets to buy lunch. 

When we came back we tried fake blood, that we used in the film LAB5, and we found out that it was not working as we wanted it to work. So one of the producers went away searching for the right blood. We gave every actor a bandaid for their arms and we put the cameras in the right place. We rehearsed a couple of times and the director gave the actors some feedback. What I really liked about filming this short movie is that we could not be in the same room as the actors, because it is a virtual reality movie and otherwise you would see the whole crew. Everyone understood what their job was and what was expected from them, so after a couple of takes it was a wrap. We started cleaning the place and we put everything back to original state and left around 5pm.

The official festival took place from the 11th of April to the 15th of April. It was really cool. I went to see some other short movies and I helped with our own movie. Everyone who wanted to enter and wanted to participate in our murder mystery experiment was obligated to fill in a form and to eat two pills, of course the pills were candies but that was our own secret. After filling in the form and eating the pills you were allowed to find out what happened during our experimental short movie. A couple of participants were so enthusiastic that they wanted to see the movie a couple of times and started asking us questions about it. That was super nice. What I like is that people look up to your film and that they appreciate it.

Next year I am definitely going to apply, help and work on the project from the very beginning until the very end. It was an amazing experience and I can recommend it to everyone, even if you do not have a lot of experience in making film. You will learn a lot from the adventure that you will experience while making the film.

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