March 29, 2018

GoShort film Festival, Nijmegen

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01.04.2018, by Elena Van der Baan


Have you already heard about it?

GoShort is a film festival held in Nijmegen, a dutch city in the province of Gelderland. The mission or so to say the aim of the festival is to showcase the best short movies nationally and internationally every year, and this year is their 10th event. This festival takes up to 5 days, during which guests will be entertained with a variety of movies, such as documentaries, animation and art films created by filmmakers and amateurs. This is not the only thing that GoShort does! Organizers also give the possibility to attend lectures, workshops and parties!

Why are we talking about this?

The Creative Lab has been producing movies for the Go Short Film Festival for over four years. The first movie created for the festival by the lab was in 2014. We created the Dyskinectic 360. For the year 2015, a group of students came up with Prism. The year after, XSTNCE was created with the help of 360 technology. Last year, we created the Dancer Awakes. Everytime we return to the Go Short Film Festival, we try to differentiate us from the rest. We do this by using technology that is not used for commercial purposes at the moment. This gives the audience the chance to experience the technology that otherwise would not be available for them. Every year, we get to see how amazed people are by the technology which inspires us to keep creating movies with this kind of technology.

As most of you might know, we have participated at the Goshort Film Festival in Nijmegen in 2016, with XSTNCE, rather an experimental movie for Virtual Reality, based on dialogues. It has been inspired by the need of researchers to discover the mysteries of the brain,and therefore created a card names XSTNCE, able to save a full copy of your brain, and the idea was to insert into an android body in order to have an eternal life.The second other interesting short movie that we made in 2017 is “The Dancer Awakens”, which was a holographic-animation-short-film shown through hololense.

Why is it even better this year?

Because we will present a Virtual Reality Murder mystery movie, inspired by the game “Cluedo” []. We will be experimenting a new way to implement VR, involving various actors and an interesting story, all of which will be seen through a 360 degree camera.

Sneak Peek to the story

The short synopsis deals with a research team that is trying to discover the behavior of people that are put in an intense situation. It will be a social experiment in a laboratory during which insight on emotions and human nature will be gained and understood. Interested in reading more? Check the article!


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