Love and Technology: The Way We Love

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14.02.2020, by Emily Smith


Having looked at dating simulations and the advancements of artificial intelligence in the first part of this series, part two considers how dating has changed in the age of the internet and whether tech has helped or hindered dating and love. 

Dating in the Age of the Internet

There has always been pressure from the outside world to share ‘shiny’ moments in our lives, with framed photos on mantle pieces and displaying awards. But now, with social media this pressure is constant, we feel the need to share all the best parts of our relationships and lives to measure up to the best moments everyone else shares. This pressure can cause strain on our relationships and push us to strive for only perfect moments, which is bascially impossible.

However, social media has also benefited people’s relationships. People are now more able than ever to stay connected to their loved ones despite distance and time. This has created more opportunities for people to commit to long-distance relationships and date others who, perhaps, were not originally available to dater. 

Distance hasn’t been the only way that people have been able to use the internet to increase their dating pool. With the rise of dating apps we are able to look beyond our family and friend’s connections to look for a partner. 

Does Technology Help or Hinder?

However, as the pool of potential partners increases, so does the pressure to find the ‘perfect person’ which means that people could be quick to disregard others based on superficial reasons as they would not fit our idea of perfection. Our search for this person can also mean that we are more likely to present a carefully choreographed digital persona of ourselves to attract our perfect person. 

Despite all of the changes in the way we find love with the rise of the internet and social media, people will always continue to search for love and adapt to ensure that we find the person that we are happiest with. If you enjoyed this article make sure you check out part one of the series, Love and Technology: Dating Simulations and AI.

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