Marketing and AR: Why it can work

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02.04.2020, by Emily Smith

AR (Augmented Reality) is an experience combining the virtual and real world, which allows the user to interact with their surroundings with an enhanced element. This can be used in marketing in a number of ways. The use of AR in marketing mainly focuses on encouraging engagement with the brand. This article will look at some interesting examples of AR marketing and why these were such successful campaigns. 

Pepsi Max: Unbelievable

Pepsi Max’s ‘Unbelievable’ campaign featured a bus stop ‘window’ being replaced with an AR window that showed more than what was actually going on. By using the AR technology to integrate tigers, UFOs and giant robots into the scenes that were actually going on. At first many people were shocked as it appeared to be real, but this gained more attraction and people started to get involved and play with the ‘window’. This campaign was particularly brilliant as it encouraged people to create user-generated content which spread the awareness as well as encouraged brand engagement. 

Uber: Experience at Zurich

Another effective AR marketing campaign was Uber’s experience at Zurich main station. This AR experience allowed users to see themselves on a screen that had elephants, kangaroos, and Uber cars in the station, making it seem like they were next to these unusual main station sights. This marketing campaign also encouraged people to create user-generated content as people wanted to share the experience. Therefore, although this AR experience is simpler than the previous example, it was still effective in engaging audiences and promoting awareness of the brand. 

YouVisit: Campus Tours

YouVisit created a different type of AR experience for their campaign, focusing on allowing potential students to experience campuses across the US from their living rooms. YouVisit noticed how much money can be spent on visiting universities in real life and decided to make the experience possible for everyone, and they also included the surrounding area! This means that people are able to interact with a number of places that they would have been otherwise unable to, making this a very effective campaign. Hopefully they will roll out more universities as time goes on. 

Pokemon GO

Most, if not all of us, have heard of or played the AR mobile game Pokemon GO. This is a brilliant use of AR and how it can be used as a marketing tool, and a way to engage people with your brand. Not only did this game remind people of how much they loved Pokemon when they were young, but it also introduced a lot of new people to the game, making this very effective in increasing the demand for the brand. In fact, many people still play and use Pokemon Go, showing how long-term this campaign really is.

If you’re interested in learning more about AR marketing campaigns, be sure to check out how print can work with AR to enhance the traditional media. AR is a wonderful tool that marketing campaigns can make use of because there is so much potential to be creative and diverse in how you can engage with all audiences. Which means that if the campaign is done well it will very likely be memorable for everyone in times to come. 

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