April 24, 2019

New Office, New Internships

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25.04.2019, by Imke van der Sanden

New Office

At the start of 2020, the moment we have all been waiting for will finally happen… The big move of Breda University of Applied Sciences to our new campus! And with that of course also the move of The Creative Lab. As you may have noticed we have been a little harder to find since our move to the Sibeliuslaan, this due to the fact that our office is located out of sight (we are located across from the lecturer’s pigeonholes). But finally, after a year we will return to the Mgr. Hopmansstraat, with a new big fancy office! 

Like the technology developments in the industry, we like to keep moving forward. In order to allow The Creative Lab to grow and become even more innovative and able to facilitate to our newest and existing projects we are moving into a new office located in what will be known to the students as the Production House area. The ‘new’ Lab will be equipped with a large wooden table, where a lot of new ideas, projects and experiments will be born and discussed. On top of that the office’s big glass windows illustrate what The Creative Lab stands for, a space with no visual limitations, open and welcoming to all creative and innovative ideas. 

Starting Fall 2019, you will be able to find The Creative Lab in our new office on campus at the Frontier Building on the third floor, right in the middle of the Production House area. Feel free to stop by in our new office for any questions you may have or for a quick chat! 

New Internships 

The Creative Lab is looking for new interns starting in the next academic year! 

As an intern you will be working in a fun and creative team with awesome supervisors and a lot of freedom! Any and all creative and innovative ideas are welcome during your time at The Creative Lab. Our core product is experiments in media and games. The Creative Lab is always up to date about the newest technologies, and willing to experiment with the coolest innovative tech! As an intern at The Creative Lab, you can propose a project that could benefit both you and the company. During your time at The Creative Lab you will get compensation fee and of course, very important, free coffee! 

So in short, during your internship starting the next academic year, you will learn a lot of new things about new technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality, 360° films, artificial intelligence and other innovative tech. You will not only get to learn from the latest developments in the media and entertainment industry but also experiment with them, since constant development is one of our main priorities.

Interested in seeing if an internship with The Creative Lab is something for you? Check out our website to see where and how to apply, or stop by in our office for more information! And who knows, we may save a seat for you in our brand new office.

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