Nickelodeon’s Slimefest

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24.09.2019, by Tessa van Dalen, Lisanne van Lier and Brenda van der Linden


On the 14th of September, The Creative Lab was able to send five students to Nickelodeon’s Slimefest, and we were three of the lucky ones to experience this slimy day! The event took place at Movie Park Germany, an amusement park that is known for its attractions and areas based on movies and TV series. Slimefest is a live event that is marketed towards kids and teens. The German edition of this event featured creators such as the famous pop singer-songwriter Mike Singer and the musical duo Bars and Melody, known from Britain’s Got Talent. During the various performances, children can get slimed in what is known as the ‘slime pit’. The slime pit is an area in front of the stage where kids and teens between the ages of 8 to 17 will be guaranteed to get slimed by the three slime-shooting cannons.

The Backstage Experience!

Upon our arrival at Moviepark Germany, we still had a few hours left before the live event would start. We used this time by riding some roller coasters, exploring the park to see how it was decorated and preparing ourselves for the event happening later that day! In the afternoon we met with BUas alumnus Andreas Finzel, who works for Viacom; home to the leading portfolio of global platform entertainment brands such as Comedy Central, Paramount Pictures, MTV, and of course Nickelodeon. He made this extracurricular activity possible and gave international media and entertainment students the opportunity to get some unique insights into the industry. Andreas also provided us with exclusive crew passes that allowed us to go where other visitors of this event could only dream of going! We were brought backstage, where we got the chance to interview industry professionals that worked at the event. Additionally, Andreas made it possible for us to attend the soundcheck, which was an amazing opportunity to see the industry professionals at work. We also were able to take a lot of photos and videos of our experience in order to capture this special day! It was incredible to get such a close and personal look on how a big event like this is organized on the day itself.

Another cool feature we got to try out during our visit was the virtual reality (VR) experience, which was used for Slimefest. By putting on the VR glasses we were transported to another world where we could virtually experience another ‘live’ concert, in which a rock band was performing on a fancy cruise ship. By pressing the buttons on the remote control, which is a small device you could hold in your hand, we could move to different places on the ship. We even went on stage! Slimefest wanted to create the same experience by placing 360-degree cameras on stage.

Gaining Industry Insights

Besides having loads of fun, we also worked on the assignments, provided to us by Viacom and The Creative Lab. One of these assignments was to produce a video clip, showcasing the event and our experience of it. This allowed us to work on our camera and editing skills. We hope you enjoy the end result! The second assignment was to create a business pitch on the possible improvements for Nickelodeon within the entertainment economy, especially in terms of marketing, innovation and promotion to the audience, consisting of kids and teens. It was a creative and challenging assignment that we enjoyed working on a lot! 

There was a lot of value in experiencing an event like this and getting to personally talk with industry professionals about their jobs. It gave us some great new insights into the media and entertainment industry. We would like to thank Andreas Finzel, Viacom, Nickelodeon, Slimefest and The Creative Lab for this unique opportunity! 

To get an even better impression of our time at Moviepark Germany and SlimeFest, we created a video about our trip, you can watch it right here.

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