Research is…fun?

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26.06.2020, By: Magi, Fabienne and Rosie

Rosie's thesis about augmented reality marketing

In this short clip, I talk about my thesis topic, why I chose it and how it all worked out for me. These last couple of months have definitely challenged me, but I firmly believe I’ve come out the other end better for it. I would like to encourage all future thesis students to find a topic that they are passionate about and that challenges them. 
I am so happy that I got to spend the last 5 months writing about a topic I thoroughly enjoyed and would like to pursue further as well as work at The Creative Lab with the most fabulous group of girls (and Mike and Mathijs). A massive thank you to all and good luck to any future thesis students or interns reading this!

Magi's thesis about adopting innovative technology

Hey there! Watch my video if you want to learn how to enjoy doing research (it is possible). Get to know more about the attitude the students from the Academy for Games & Media have towards Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and what my research results suggest will encourage these students to get to know these innovative technologies further. I also wanted to share how The Creative Lab would be able to help improve the attitude towards the mentioned innovative technologies, as well as why I find The Creative Lab so inspiring. I hope you enjoy it!

Fabienne's thesis about how The Creative Lab can become a creative destination

In this video I will talk shortly about my experience at TCL writing my thesis. You can see what my topic is and why I chose this. The past five months were sometimes not easy because of the COVID19 but I’m proud of the end result. Furthermore, it was a pleasure to work with the other interns and the supervisors Mike and Mathijs. For the future interns: I encourge you to sign up! You can learn a lot about technology and other interesting topics.