March 29, 2018

Sneak Peek to the upcoming project: LAB5

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01.04.2018, by Elena Van der Baan


LAB5 Sneak Peek

This year The Creative Lab, with the help of International Media Management  students as well as external actors, is creating a Virtual Reality short film to present at the GoShort Film festival in Nijmegen in April. This short movie is different from the others because it involves people that are experimented on in order to find out and analyse different human characteristics explained in details later on.

Curious to know what is it about?

Well, we can only give you a taste of what it will be, and if you are still interested you can go see it at the Festival held between the 11th and 15th of April 2018 in Nijmegen.

Lab5 is a place where, for the third, time a bi-annual experiment is being held. A social experiment in VR is developed, by creating a research team we want to discover the behaviour of people that are facing an intense situation. There will be a research team to help gain insight in these behaviors and emotions. In this play, there are six participants who take part in the social experiment. All of them have already participated in previous experiments, so they are already familiar with the concept. The protagonists are the Lab-assistant of ECEPHA Lab, Estella a young child-carer, Peter a 25 years old currently in between jobs, Robert a 28 years old Plasterer who is selfish and envious of hils younger brother. Jay is a social worker, he is organized but always thinks he is right. Minnie is the youngest protagonist, a 20 years old HRM student, compassionate and trusting. Finally we have David, a 22 years old, also a HRM student, who is always curious.

These people in couples, they have to open different boxes in which they find tasks that they have to finish in 30 minutes. During their activity the Lab-assistant studies their behaviour and emotions for the experiment. All of a sudden something unexpected happens with one of the participants! Are you curious about what happened? Unfortunately, we cannot tell you what happens yet! However, if you stay tuned and join us at the GoShort Film Festival, you might be able to figure out the truth!


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