Social distancing, home office & The Creative Lab

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14.05.2020, by Magi Marinova


I think it has been about two months since the last time I was in the office… Let me tell you something –  I miss it! In this article, I will tell you more about my experience with home office and social distancing, the ups and downs of it, and share some tips and tricks on ways that helped me and my colleagues get distracted from the current situation.

As graduate students, working from home seemed to be beneficial for us (or at least that’s how I saw it) but with all the time you save from getting ready, going to the office and coming back, I got so used to working standard ours but wasting my saved time. I love working from home but only for a day or two, the benefits of home office just fade away, especially when you know that’s what you have to do.

Working hard or hardly working?

All of us have been missing the office and our colleagues there and getting coffee/hot chocolate while taking a 15-minute-break. The environment was so fun and entertaining that it made the work more enjoyable and the time fly past us. This is why whenever we have a work call with everyone from The Creative Lab I feel like we all try to make it as long as possible. We (the interns) sometimes even have one-hour calls just to catch up and talk to each other for a bit. It’s like a 15-minute break that catches up on the missed 15-minute coffee/hot chocolate breaks.

The other downfall of social distancing is the lack of communication with the BUas students. All of us (The Creative Lab’s interns) were looking forward to working on projects with the students, organising workshops for them, and simply showing them how much they could do with the help of The Creative Lab. You can check out some of our past projects here and the workshops to come

Magi's pug, Bubbles.

Rosie's cats, Kratos & Kasper.

Still, there are some benefits to staying at home all the time! I, for example, have a dog. I feel like she has not been alone at home ever since social distancing began and I am pretty sure she loves it. Rosie also has pets so they are also winners in this situation, or at least we hope they feel that way.

However, staying all the time has also spiked some other interests of ours (the interns) – cooking, baking and constant eating. Now, let me tell you the aftermath of that, I am pretty sure all of us have complained about our clothes getting tighter at one point in the past two months. But you know what? Food is great so I don’t think some clothes will stop us from eating it! 

Now that we kind of talked about the ups and downs of social distancing and working from home, this is how I deal with it. What helps all of us (the interns) a lot, is cooking, baking, and learning how to cook/bake something new because food is awesome. If you are not that much into this, however, I find working out, or any type of physical movement, calming and relaxing. I recently started yoga (I always through I am not patient enough for yoga) and it is such a great way for stress-relief, stretch and just moving your body. You won’t believe how many of my friends (both boys and girls) have said the same thing about yoga. Lastly, I love walking my dog for about half an hour (she is too tiny to have longer walks) three times a day. It is a great way to get distracted, take a break from your screen, and enjoy the outdoors for a bit.

How do you deal with social distancing and constantly staying at home? Send us an email (creativelab@ade-buas.nl) or a message on Facebook/LinkedIn and share your tips and tricks, or share what you have been through during the global pandemic.

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