The New Office

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26.11.2019, by Karlijn Raaijmakers


December is finally here, which of course means Sinterklaas, Christmas and the final month before New Year. However, this also means that it is almost time for our big move! After the Christmas Break we are moving from our tiny hidden office at Sibeliuslaan to an incredible new office at the Frontier building! 

Over the past few weeks, after being shared by three interns for a while, our office at the Sibeliuslaan building has been awarded a few choice nicknames, such as the broomstick cupboard, the sardine box, and of course, a fan favorite: Harry Potter’s cupboard. 

However, we can soon forget about these nicknames, as starting on January 6th, we will be in our new office, ready to produce some new content. This huge office is a shared office between The Creative Lab and Cradle on the third floor in room Fs3.001. See the floor plan below to check out its exact location!



A new office in the centre of the building gives us the opportunity to increase our visibility and of course create amazing new content, projects and newsletters here and of course to share all of this with you! One of our goals is to get those who want to be involved and provide a space where you can join in on projects, discuss ideas and express your creativity. 

Our new office in Fs3.001 will officially open on January 6th. Feel free to drop by if you have any questions or if you just want to have a chat! 

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