This Year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

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03.02.2020, by Karlijn Raaijmakers

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an annual trade show that takes place in Las Vegas and is organised by the Consumer Technology Association. This January, the 53rd edition of the event took place, in which the newest products and innovations in the consumer tech industry are presented. 

What’s fun about CES, is that it covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from entertainment, to automobiles, to robotics, to sports, to cryptocurrency, and much more. In this article, we will have a look at some of the most interesting innovations of this year’s CES. 

Home Robotics – Ballie

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier and help us in our daily tasks. Whether or not that is always the case is of course debatable, but there is still an uprise in ‘home and lifestyle’ technology. At CES, Samsung introduced a prototype named Ballie; a small robot that moves around your home to help you with your everyday tasks. The robot, which looks like a smaller version of Star War’s BB-8, is described as a ‘life companion’ and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to listen and respond to you. The little robot can help you in your workouts, start and stop home devices, and even look after your pet after you’ve left the house. 

Besides Ballie, CES also presented some technological help in the kitchen, such as a robot that can do your dishes, a ‘smart tap’, that can be controlled with your voice and some minor motions and a self-cleaning and self-sealing rubbish bin

The Cars of the Future? – Mercedes Vision AVTR

The automotive industry played a big role in this year’s CES, with a focus on autonomous technology. Numerous exciting and futuristic vehicles were presented, such as Mercedes’ Vision Advanced Vehicle Transformation (AVTR), which is a futuristic and almost reptile-looking car. It is not only inspired by the movie Avatar, but also created in collaboration with Avatar’s creator, James Cameron and his team. The driver is supposed to biometrically connect with the car, like humans ‘become’ their avatar in the Avatar movie. The concept consists of promising features, such as the ability to move sideways and fully autonomous driving, with a focus on connecting humans, technology and nature in a sustainable and safe way. Though this all sounds very promising, there are a lot of unanswered questions about how this concept will be put to work. And judging by its concept, this car won’t be seen on the roads anytime soon, but the idea itself is interesting and might be a look into the future! 

Entertainment – TVs and RoboCats

Samsung not only provided new tech (concepts) in the ‘home and lifestyle’ category, the conglomerate also had contributions to the tech entertainment industry with the Sero TV. This is a TV that can be used both horizontally and vertically. Users can connect the TV to their phone and place the TV in the preferred position. The TV thereby aims to let users view the TV as an extension of the smartphone. 

And then there was of course a fair share of toys, such as the MarsCat. This bionic robot is the ideal version of a cat for those who deal with allergies, or those who cannot be bothered to clean the litter tray everyday. You can easily program your own cat to your preferences and is highly interactive, as it responds to how it is interacted with. 


The Future of Tech

One can ask the question whether we need all of these new developments. The answer is, probably not, but it is definitely interesting to see what is being developed! CES annually shows the newest tech developments, from simply entertaining to groundbreaking. The developments of some of the concepts introduced might currently seem like projects of a distant future, but CES brings them closer to the consumer and gives them a spot in the public eye. 


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