Visiting an MTV Production in Berlin

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23.04.2019, by Imke van der Sanden

In February 2019, The Creative Lab had the incredible opportunity to send four ADE students from Breda University of Applied Sciences to Berlin to work on a project together with Viacom. Viacom is home to the leading portfolio of global, platform entertainment brands such as Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures and MTV. This extracurricular activity was made possible thanks to our highly valued alumni network, that wants to give young International Media and Entertainment Management students some advantage by giving them some unique insights about the industry. The four students traveled to the headquarters of MTV in Berlin, where they had the amazing opportunity to look behind the scenes of a TV network that globally reaches more than half a billion households worldwide.

Behind the Scenes 

During the students’ time in Berlin, MTV, in collaboration with the Berlin production company EASYdoesit, were working on one of their newest shows: a remake of Yo! MTV Raps, a hip-hop music show. Andreas Finzel, a valued BUAS alumnus, took the students with him on set, and showed them how the professionals of MTV and EASYdoesit work their magic. During their first day, the students were able to witness ‘the magic’ and production process from their position in the audience. The next day, Andreas arranged for the media students to get an exclusive look behind the scenes, where they could see and follow the crew backstage. They were able to see how the stage was prepped, in order for it to be ready as soon as the cameras start rolling and got to see the crew not only set up, but also operate their professional equipment, which made the students realise that they still have a lot of opportunities to grow in their own camera and audio experiences. During their time at the studios, the students did not only have time to learn from the production of Yo! MTV Raps, they were also challenged with the task of creating a new marketing strategy for the show in Germany. All of these aspects contributed to giving the students a clear view of what a production of this size means. 

Connections and Questions

Before their trip came to an end, the students were pleasantly surprised by the fact that they were given the opportunity to attend yet another production from MTV. Andreas invited them to watch the weekly show MTV Top100, which has a smaller production compared to Yo! MTV Raps. Due to the smaller size of this production, the students were able to have a chat with industry professionals working on the show, as well as ask the production team all of their burning questions. This experience and overall trip gave the students some direct insights into what will be required of them from the media and entertainment industry.  

The Value of the Alumni Network

Although this trip was a lot of fun for the students involved, it was also an incredible opportunity for them to dive deeper into the production aspect of the media industry, and to visit new and exciting places. This exclusive learning experience shows how valuable BUas’ network of alumni can be to inspire the current ADE students in not only their education, but perhaps also their future career path. One of the female students exclaimed during the trip that the female-producer on set inspired and encouraged her to hopefully one day have a key role as a producer herself.

To get an even better impression of the students’ time in Berlin and their time at the MTV studios, they created a video about their trip, which you can watch right here. The Creative Lab would like to thank Andreas Finzel, MTV and Viacom for this unique and educational opportunity for our students. 

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