The Creative Lab produces a 360-degree movie for the Oculus Rift

After the success of ‘Dyskinetic’ last year, the Creative Lab is returning to the Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen. This group of media and game students have produced not one but three short drama films for the Oculus Rift called ‘The Prism’. The Creative Lab team has pulled out all of the stops and made vast improvements to the quality and content of these technically challenging films.

The Crew

The three films all share the same interrogation storyline, which is set in a police station. The storyline, dialogue and actors’ movements all remain consistent across each of the films, however each film shows a different perspective to the story. One of the films shows the perspective of the interrogator, whilst another shows what it is like to be interrogated. The final film gives you a unique view of the interrogation when looking from behind the one-way mirror in the observation room. Each film, with its own perspective, provides an exclusive insight in to the storyline unfolding in the interrogation room. It’s up to you to fit the pieces together and find out what has actually happened.

Writing an identical script for the three films, where the camera plays a different silent role in each of them, was very demanding. The Oculus Rift allows for a lot more freedom when watching a film, however as with regular films, the viewer doesn’t have any influence on the progression of the storyline. So it was a true challenge for the group of scriptwriters to create an exciting script within these limitations, but they worked hard and have succeeded.


The technique

On a technical level these films have made a giant leap forward. ‘Dyskinetic’ was filmed with two GoPro cameras placed aside each other. In ‘The Prism’ they upgraded to four DSLR cameras, which were mounted together on a specially made metal rig designed by the Creative Lab themselves. By adding fisheye lenses to these cameras, the rig allowed for a full 360 degrees to be filmed, which allows the viewer to make the most benefit of the Oculus Rift. This head mounted display allows you to completely control your viewing angle whilst the film is being played around you. Last year the Creative Lab used an Oculus Rift Development Kit 1, this year they progressed to the Development Kit 2. The image quality has been enhanced significantly and now shows even the smallest detail.

The Technique


You can visit the Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen from the 9th to the 12th of April. The Creative Lab welcomes you to the 7th edition of this short film festival and will be waiting with ‘The Prism’ and the Oculus Rift to see if you can solve the puzzle.

There are of course many other films you can watch during the festival as Go Short has chosen the best 300 European short films to show, from the more than 2900 submissions they received in the last year. Alongside the competition program, Go Short offers several focus schemes, workshops, lectures and parties. The complete schedule and ticket sales for Go Short 2015 can be found at: